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Return Policy

If a replacement item is needed due to a damaged product please contact us via email at  (You have 48 hours upon receipt to contact customer service about the damaged product.) Please label your email with the subject line as; Replacement Needed.  A photo of the damaged item is required in the body of the email in-order to process the replacement. Once customer service has been contacted and a replacement has been approved, a shipping label will be sent to your email. (you have 3 business days to send the damaged item using the shipping label given, a second shipping label will not set if the first expires)  A replica of the purchased item will be sent once Ikaika Tribe receives the damaged product. A damaged product cannot be replaced with a different product unless Ikaika Tribe has sold out of the originally purchased item. If the originally purchased item has been sold out, then customer service will negotiate a different replacement item of the same value. All replacement approvals take 7-10 business days. 

Shipping due to covid-19 has been slowed so this process can take a total of 20-30 business days before a new product is received. (barring any unforeseen circumstances) 

Thank you for your support of Ikaika tribe! 

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